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BBClogo THE FALL OF THE SHAKH Documentary about Iranian revolution for the BBC. Film director a knowledgeable and professional filmmaker and journalist Maziar Bahari. I have shot an interview with experts and eyewitnesses in Moscow.

Zero Gravity - Mission in Space.   A Documentary following two young astronauts, ESA Alexander Gerst and NASA astronaut Gregory Reid Wiseman on their first trip to space, on board of the international Space Station (ISS). Follow their training and get on board with them to discover their day to day life above us with exceptional images shot the ISS. I have shot in the astronaut's training center in Star City (Russia) and within Baikonur (preparation and launch of the space ship).
Report of ARTE


16 SUNRISE the multiformat project about French cosmonaut Thomas Pesquet at the ISS (International Space Station).

Trailer of PLANETE+





TECHNO SAPIENS The boundaries between man and machine, between technology and nature, are becoming increasingly blurred and might even disappear completely in the future. Information technology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology are not only making considerable inroads into society, but also more and more directly into human nature. The day when Homo sapiens is able to consciously design and radically change himself is not far away. A far-reaching optimisation of the human race using both existing and future technology seems to be the next logical step that mankind will.
I've shot the Moscow' segment of the documentary.

(Austria) A documentary about revival of Stalin's ideas accross Russia.

ORF (Austria) A documentary about wooden churches at the Russian North.

ORF (Austria) A documentary about austrian military mission to Taganrog.

ORF (Austria) Granny Au Pair Documentary.
About special Au pair program for senior citizens (fragment).
Yekaterinburg (Russia).