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Citizen's Protests against the transfer of St. Petersburg Cathedtral under
the control of Russian Orthodox Church.


Austrian punk group "Three hairdressers" during their visit to Moscow.


Chernobyl and Pripyat. 25 years after the disaster.


Krymsk (South of Russia) disaster flood in 2012.


Eurovision song contest 2012 in Baku. Report about austrian participant "Trackshittaz".


Volkswagen factory in Kaluga.


Voina is a revolutionary group of Russian artists that engages in radical street protest actions. The group was founded by Oleg Vorotnikov (a.k.a. "Vor", ideologist) and Natalia Sokol (a.k.a. "Kozlyenok", coordinator) in 2005. The group doesn’t cooperate on principle with any of Russian curators, nor gallerists, state or private institutions.
More than 20 criminal cases have been brought against the group.