Experienced Cameraman/Director of Photography/Editor based in Moscow with over 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry and specializing in shooting for documentary, current affairs reports, lifestyle, sport and corporate television.

He was trained in Media Communications and Technologies at college and began working in TV and film industry at the age of 20. This has given me an excellent background which has been built upon over the years working with a large number of DP's and Directors.

Present work is dealing with digital camera systems. Shot for television, commercials, corporate and movie productions as well as for web, across a wide range of formats, using a wide range of cameras. He has own Sony ILME-FX6/FX3, XDCAM HD EX1R, PXW-FS7 with KIT including lighting, grip, audio and editing gear. He has access to any other format and has experience in shooting with the majority of other camera systems, including SONY XDCAM HD, PANASONIC P2HD, PANASONIC VARICAM, CANON CINEMA EOS, SONY CINEALTA and RED DRAGON 6K experience. He is happy to work with any required model of camera or type of format.

Accreditation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants me the right to work with foreign media here in Russia. Full member of the International Federation of Journalists.  Speak English and Russian.

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