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Shotgun mic w/softie and grip AKG C568EB, Sennheiser MKH416 (wired or plug on)
3x Sennhieser G3 and G2 wireless mics and plug on (Lavalier mic Sanken COS-11xPT-Sen)
Sennheiser MD-42 Hand mic and grip (wired or plug on)
Lapel mic Sony ECM-66B (wired or plug on)
Audio recorders ZOOM H4n (H6) for back up recording
Audio Technician with gear:
Mixer Sound Devices 633 or 788
2 х Wireless Sennheiser 2000 set
2 x Sanken lapel mics
1 x Wireless plug on Sennheiser 2000
Boom with shotgun Sennheiser MKH-70
1 x Zoom H6 (back up recording)